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Tea Tree Oil Acne Patches

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With these acne patches, it's time to take control of your breakouts. Tea Tree Oil Acne Patches are used by people all over the world to quickly treat acne.

With a small amount of tea tree oil infused into each pimple patch, each acne patch promotes healing after excretion. Tea tree oil works as an anti-inflammatory for acne, speeding up the effectiveness of your pimple stickers. You can rest assured that each acne patch has been created with care. It's our all-natural acne and pimple treatment. If you choose a high-quality brand of acne patches, such as ours, they can be lifesavers.

What it is: Little patches that you place over a pimple to quickly and effectively reverse the blemish!

Why it's special: 
  • Ingredients in the patch penetrate the skin and work to stop the pimple while speeding the healing process
  • Invisible on the skin
  • 1 pack = 36 patches